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Hunting For Stone

Hunting For Stone

When I started carving stone l primarily purchased stone. At first, l used soapstone from Quebec, which originally came from my brother Sandy. Eventually, l went to the quarry in St. Pierre de Broughton in the Eastern Townships myself and fille…

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The Price of Art

The Price Of Art
Not that fine art needs to be justified but an understanding of the elements that go into a stone sculpture is enlightening and helps to understand and appreciate the value of the work of art.

Material. Each stone sculpture starts with a rock. So…

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Why write a blog...

Why Write A Blog

I tend to write. Sometimes, I think it is involuntary. Creative ideas come to me at 4 or 5 am. I know that if I don't get up right then and jot them down, they will be lost. Maybe some of you have this experience as well.

I know that often when I…

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